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Castle Crashers! Castle Crashers is a RPG game about a kingdom that is ravaged by an evil wizard, who destroyed villages and stole the four princesses. Your goal is to save them all: the Red Princess, the Green Princess, the Blue Princess, and finally the Orange Princess. (This is in order of when you rescue them.)


There are four main knights in the game- Red Knight, Orange Knight, Green Knight, and Blue Knight. Other knights include the Grey Knight, Grey Knight 2, the Pink Knight, and the Blacksmith (Purple Knight). Each knight has a different element.


The Red Knight is one of the four starter knights in the game. The element of magic he uses is Lightning. Some people think that he is the best starter character because of his magic, however, this is not true. All the starting knights have the same amount of strength, magic, defense, and agility.

The Red Knight's magic is lightning, so expect his magic to do lots of damage. All of his skills have a high damage rate but no D.O.T. His splash attack is often considered one of the best splash attacks because of its "crowd control" which holds enemies in place while draining mana and doing continuous damage. This make some players use him more often than other characters.

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Castle Crashers Walkthrough - Mission 1 Home Castle

Castle Crashers Walkthrough - Mission 1 Home Castle

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